Monday, October 22, 2012

Graduation Day- Oct 2012

After spending most of this month listening to fellow MAF missionaries and field experts on life overseas, I feel more excited than ever to leave for Costa Rica with my family in just a few weeks.

Our family and five other families made up this year’s orientation class for fall 2012. At times, Tony and I felt a bit old, as several of the couples were half our age. However, their maturity and love for the Great Commission surpassed many of their peers. After openly discussing their personal stories and listening to their devotion as they persevered through adversity, our hearts became knitted together as they also heard us share the struggles and challenges we’ve faced since joining MAF.

Some of the topics and issues that were addressed during our 8-5 schedule were: Spiritual Warfare, Serving in a Multi Cultural Team, Embracing Your Adopted Culture, Helping Your Missionary Child Thrive, Grief & Loss, Coping with Stress, and many other valuable themes worthy of discussion. My favorite seminar was when MAF invited, Nate Hamlin, a licensed marriage and family counselor, to teach the couples how to solve conflict successfully and respectfully.  The rich discussion and honest discourse that took place during the two days made husbands as well as wives feel more confident in serving together in a foreign culture.

As a result of concluding training and cross-cultural orientation, MAF commissioned all of us last week. It was a day I will soon not forget as it felt like a graduation day of sorts. All the families were introduced during chapel and Vice President, Dave Fyock, gave a moving speech on Proverbs 4:23, Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  The special ceremony ended with a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude to the Lord for His love and faithfulness in all the He has been able to do in us and through us.  

Tony and I would like to thank so many of you for sustaining us through prayer and support. We could not have reached this important milestone if it were not for our family and friends who have stood by us every step of the way.

-For for Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To him be the glory forever. Amen.  Romans 11:36
Melissa, Laura, Tony and Dave Fyock at Commissioning Ceremony
Prayer Dedication 
Marriage Seminar in Boise, ID
Orientation- Fall 2012