Sunday, September 18, 2011

Local & Global Opportunities

             One day in the middle of summer, Tony and I decided that it was time to begin the process of finding a house of worship during our season in Idaho while training with our MAF-Learning Technologies team. As we attended a church that was recommended by a friend, our family began to take first steps to meet and greet new faces and introduce ourselves to the various members of the congregation. 

             It was by accident that on one Sunday, we read in the church bulletin the words: International Ministries/Intercultural Worship meets today at 11:00 a.m. We made the long walk down the hall of the church only to hear the sweetest hymns in a foreign language. As we entered the humble room with a simple wooden cross behind the pulpit, I felt joy in my heart as I saw a sea of cultures sitting near our chairs smiling and welcoming us in their native tongues.

            After the initial visit, we made a point to return on Sundays and worship alongside our new friends from Intercultural Ministries at College Church in Nampa. It was during a Sunday afternoon potluck that Pastor Edwin asked Tony and I to consider teaching a Bible study to young adults from the different college campuses in the Treasure Valley that come and attend church every Sunday. The opportunity to teach international students who for many are hearing about Jesus for the first time, was a chance we could not pass up. As a result, we asked our good friends and fellow MAF couple, Ralph and Val Dawson to join us as the four of us would teach this generation of young people Bibical truths relevant to their daily lives.

            The Lord saw it fit that we would not only proclaim His name to the ends of the earth as we travel to indigenous communities while serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship but that we would also make use of our time here in Jerusalem (Acts 1:8) in order that we may share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those He has brought to our doorsteps.